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A group of five women artists, working in five different mediums have come together to create a professional ART space in Norfolk VA.  WorkingArtistsStudios offers the community an opportunity to visit, view the artists' processes, and purchase art directly from the artists, working in a studio/gallery setting.

JEANNE GOODMAN  .  mixed media

HELEN JONES  .  photography

KAREN KINSER  .  painting

ANNE MAY  .  printmaking

VONNIE WHITWORTH  .  watercolor


JEANNE GOODMAN . Run Like an Antelope.
HELEN JONES . 'Mourning Flower'
KAREN KINSER . detail - 'Eggplant Tumble #1' . oil on linen
ANNE MAY . 'Naro'
VONNIE WHITWORTH . 'Emerging' . watercolor

For information and to view more of each artist's work, click on their image. If an artist has a website - their image link will take you there. It will also  provide you with their contact info.

Thank You.

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